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  • 請問我該如何安裝GIMP?
  • 您需要下載GTK+ Runtime Environment和Gimp安裝檔。先安裝GTK+再安裝Gimp。
  • 有訊息告訴我說GTK+ 2.4.1 was not found on your computer. Please install it before The Gimp.我該去哪裡下載呢?
  • 您可以在下載Gimp的那一頁下載GTK+。
  • 我不能開PS與EPS檔。請問我漏了什麼了嗎?
  • You need to install GhostScript to be able to read PostScript files with The Gimp. GhostScript can be downloaded from <a href="http://www.cs.wisc.edu/%7Eghost/">http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/</a>.
  • I installed Gimp 2.0 on Windows 9x/ME or NT 4, and I'm getting a lot of messages saying ** (gimp-2.0.exe:4294830849): WARNING **: Couldn't load font "MS Sans Serif 8" falling back to "Sans 8". What should I do?
  • You have two options:
    • Go to Control Panel->Display properties->Apperance tab, and set all fonts to Tahoma (or any other TrueType font).
    • Uninstall GTK+ 2.4.1, then re-install it without the GTK-Wimp component.
  • I'm getting a message There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\harddisk4\dr6 every time I run the Gimp. What should I do?
  • This seems to be caused by flash card readers. Currently no solution is known, but Gimp seems to work fine anyway.
  • Gimp appears to hang while loading fonts. What's going on?
  • If it's the first time you've run The GIMP, it may be indexing your fonts. This may take a few minutes to complete.
  • Some people reported that Gimp hangs if you have a font called Profont installed. Remove it, and try running Gimp again.
  • 請問The Gimp可以放在雜誌內附的CD中嗎?
  • Yes, it can, but to satisfy the GNU General Public License requirements, you have to provide the source code to The Gimp.
  • 請問我可以在哪裡找到The Gimp的使用指引/使用手冊呢?
  • You should start with the <a href="http://www.gimp.org/docs/">documentation page</a>.
  • 在讀入字型的時候,Gimp 2.0當掉了。請問發生了什麼事?
  • People reported that a font called "Profont" causes this. Try removing the font.
  • When I run The Gimp, a console window (MS-DOS box) opens and displays some messages. If I close this window, The Gimp closes, too. What should I do?
  • Minimize the window and ignore it, as most of the warnings it displays are harmless, and The Gimp will still work.
  • I'm getting cryptic error messages about missing entries in DLL files when I try to run Gimp. What's causing this?
  • 當我用滑鼠點Gimp的小圖示時,GIMP很正常的開啟了。可是如果我用滑鼠雙擊一個要用GIMP開啟的檔案時,卻當機了。請問是什麼問題導致如此呢?
  • This is usually caused by incompatible libraries installed somewhere in your PATH. Most likely there's a bad version of intl.dll, libxml2.dll, xmlparse.dll or xmltok.dll in your Windows\System32 folder. Rename or remove it, and Gimp should load fine.
  • The GIMP installer informs me about conflicting DLL and recommends to rename them. What does this mean?
  • Another program installed libraries with the same name as those used by Gimp where they don't belong. If these files are incompatible with the libraries required by the GIMP, the GIMP may either fail to load, or work incorrectly.
  • I allowed the installer to rename conflicting DLL files, now another program stopped working. What should I do?
  • Find the DLL file(s) the program is complaining about (it will have the extension .dll.off), copy it to the program's directory and remove the .off extension.
  • My antivirus claims that your installers are infected. Why?
  • Some antivirus programs incorrectly detect <a href="http://upx.sf.net/">UPX</a>-compressed programs and the <a href="http://nsis.sf.net/">NSIS</a> installer as infected.
  • 我試著在Windows 9x/ME上安裝GIMP,可是安裝檔告訴我說並不支援我現在的作業系統。請問我該怎麼辦?
  • Ideally, you should upgrade to Windows 2000 or newer. Otherwise, you can install The Gimp on Win9x/ME anyway, but don't complain if something doesn't work as expected, unless you're ready to fix the code yourself.
  • 如果作業系統是中文(或其他遠東語系),開啟Gimp時會當機。我該怎麼辦?
  • This seems to be an issue with GTK+ 1.3. 3 workarounds are known:
    • Solution 1:
      • Windows 95/98/98SE: add the following line to C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT:
        set LANG=en
        and reboot the computer.
      • Windows NT/2000/XP: right-click on My Computer, choose Properties, select the Advanced tab and click the Environmental Variables button. In the window which opens, click then New... button, and set LANG as the Variable name and en as the Variable Value (it does not matter if you create the variable in User or System variables, however, it's recommended to create it in System Variables section, as this will fix the problem for other users, too)
    • Solution 2:
      uninstall The Gimp and install it again without the Localization component (you may also have to delete folder locale from your Program Files\Common Files\GTK\1.3\lib)
    • Solution 3:
      copy the correct gtkrc.XX file (depending on your country) from your Program Files\Common Files\GTK\1.3\etc\gtk directory to your Program Files\Gimp\etc\gimp\1.2 and rename it to gtkrc.
    • Nothing