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= 關於 Mozilla =
= 關於 Mozilla =
Mozilla is a global community that focuses its collective talent to ensure the Web remains an open, shared, worldwide resource. Driven by passion and guided by social responsibility, we’re working to create a Web that will be better for all of us, both today and in the future. Our entire organization is focused solely on the needs of Web users, rather than those of shareholders or other groups.
Mozilla開發免費且開放原始碼的技術與產品,包括廣受好評、連得大獎的Mozilla Firefox®網頁瀏覽器。全世界超過四十幾種語言的數千萬人們對Firefox愛不釋手;它讓您最能夠徹底享受網路體驗,讓瀏覽器能夠更安全、更快速,並按您的需要量身訂作。
Mozilla develops free-of-charge open source technologies and products, including the popular and award-winning Mozilla Firefox® Web browser. Firefox is enjoyed by tens of millions of people around the world in more than 40 languages. Firefox allows you to get the most out of your Web experience, making browsing safer, faster and customized for your needs.
= Mozilla Firefox® 2 介紹 =
= Mozilla Firefox® 2 介紹 =
倍受肯定的 Firefox 網路瀏覽器帶著更棒的功能回來了。
倍受肯定的 Firefox 網路瀏覽器帶著更棒的功能回來了。

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關於 Mozilla


Mozilla開發免費且開放原始碼的技術與產品,包括廣受好評、連得大獎的Mozilla Firefox®網頁瀏覽器。全世界超過四十幾種語言的數千萬人們對Firefox愛不釋手;它讓您最能夠徹底享受網路體驗,讓瀏覽器能夠更安全、更快速,並按您的需要量身訂作。

Mozilla Firefox® 2 介紹

倍受肯定的 Firefox 網路瀏覽器帶著更棒的功能回來了。

Firefox 2 參考全球數百萬使用者的建言,加上強大功能讓瀏覽體驗再度昇級。更安全、更快、更加享受,同時也提供更多種方式供您自訂功能及調整介面,打造符合個人需求的瀏覽器。

Firefox 同步支援 Windows、Mac OS X 及 Linux,也提供多達四十種以上的語言版本,為眾瀏覽器軟體之冠。

Firefox 2 新鮮事

Firefox 2 provides users with a familiar Web browser interface, while improving and extending the power of the original Firefox’s wildly popular and innovative features. We’ve also listened to users and added some new features that will help you get the most out of today’s interactive and fast-moving Web.

Here’s a list of what’s new and improved in Firefox 2:

Phishing Protection

Phishing Protection takes Firefox’s security to a new level, helping to safeguard your financial information and protect you from identity theft. This feature warns you when you encounter Web sites that are suspected forgeries known as “phishing sites,” and offers to take you directly to a search page so you can find the real Web site you were looking for.

Phishing Protection is turned on by default, and works by checking sites you visit against a local list of known phishing sites which is updated every 30 minutes. You can also choose to enable a mode that checks sites you visit with an online service provider to confirm the validity of the Web page you are viewing. Google is preconfigured as an online service provider with others available soon.


這下不再打錯字了!Firefox 2 內建即時拼字檢查,讓您在留言板、Web 郵件中輸入文字後可立即知曉拼字正確與否,不需額外軟體。


即時標題是網頁中定期更新之關鍵資訊的摘要。隨時更新、比起固定的網頁標題更能提供有用資訊,恰好適合做為書籤的標題。舉例而言,拍賣網站的即時標題可以是使用者關注的某項產品名稱、目前出價及所剩時間,財經網站的即時標題可以是股價資訊、目前匯率等等。目前已經支援的網站有 eBay、Yahoo! Finance、BBC、UPS 以及 FedEx 等。

Managing Web Feeds (RSS)

Firefox 2 gives you full control over Web feeds, offering you a preview of the content and several subscription options. You have the choice of using an online Web service for reading feeds, a client-side feed reader, or creating a Firefox Live Bookmark. Firefox 2 is configured to use popular Web feed reading services that vary by locale (such as My Yahoo!, Bloglines and Google Reader in the US) and users can always add their own. Firefox 2 supports RSS and Atom-based feeds.

Session Restore

No more lost data or browsing sessions. If Firefox unexpectedly closes, Session Restore will bring back the windows and tabs you were using previously, restoring the text you typed into forms and the in-progress downloads you had running the next time you start up Firefox. Additionally, a new “restart” button allows you to restart the browser without losing your place after you install an add-on or a software update. There’s even an option to always restore previous sessions – Options -> Main: “When Firefox starts: Show my windows and tabs from last time.”


您現在可以快速添加、移除搜尋欄中的搜尋引擎,也可以輕鬆排列其顯示順序。Firefox 同時也能偵測網站中可安裝的搜尋引擎,如有斬獲,引擎選取鈕便會發亮提醒您。這些都讓您更容易調整搜尋欄,符合個人需求。


新的附加元件管理員加強擴充套件及佈景主題的管理介面,讓您更能輕鬆自訂 Firefox。您可於「工具>附加元件」開啟附加元件管理員。(本文稍後還有更多附加元件的相關資訊。)

Improved Tabbed Browsing

Firefox has improved its popular tabbed browsing feature, making it easier to discover and use. Links that would open new browser windows now open in tabs by default, and each tab now includes an individual close button. When too many tabs are open to fit across the top of a single window, scroll arrows appear on either side, and a drop down button on the right side of the window shows you the list of open tabs. If you accidentally close a tab, you can re-open it by selecting “Recently Closed Tabs” from the “History” menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T (Cmd+Shift+T on Macs).


當您於內建的搜尋欄中逐字輸入關鍵字時,Firefox 將顯示一份建議的關鍵字列表。目前內建的 Google、Yahoo! 奇摩及 Answers.com 都支援此功能,以 Firefox 搜尋資料將更快更準確。

Streamlined Interface

The user interface in Firefox 2 has been updated to improve usability without altering the familiarity of the browsing experience. Toolbar buttons now glow when you hover over them, and default icons have been de-saturated to focus the user’s eye on content in the browser window.

Firefox 與資訊安全

Firefox improves your ability to securely navigate the Web. It includes award-winning features for foiling spyware, Web forgery or phishing sites and pop-up ads, and puts you in total control of your personal and confidential information. Firefox is also built using a transparent development method, where everyone is encouraged to examine and contribute code, which discovers more potential threats and vulnerabilities, and enables Mozilla to rapidly identify and fix any emerging issues.

With Firefox, we strive to:

  • provide the fastest response time to vulnerabilities in the industry;
  • adhere to a transparent process;
  • make architectural changes that add to security, not just complexity;
  • quickly fix security bugs instead of debating them.

Open Source, More Secure

At the heart of Firefox is an open source development process driven by thousands of passionate, experienced developers and security experts spread all over the world. Our openness and active community of experts helps to ensure our products are more secure and updated quickly, while also enabling us to take advantage of the best third-party security scanning and evaluation tools to further bolster overall security.

How We Measure Security – Days of Risk

Currently, most of the security industry focuses on the number of vulnerabilities as a measure of just how secure a browser is – the product with the least vulnerabilities is declared more secure. However, it’s more complex than this as vendors report vulnerabilities differently and software by nature is never completely secure. Therefore, a more accurate metric is how long it takes the vendor to fix a vulnerability once it is identified. That’s the measure of how long the user is at risk. With the help of our dedicated community, we’re able to respond quickly to potential vulnerabilities and minimize this window of exposure.


There is a rich and growing ecosystem of add-ons for Firefox that enable you to personalize your browser’s features and appearance to fit your needs and style. With Firefox 2, we’re making it easier than ever to discover, install and use add-ons to customize Firefox with a new Add-on Manager.

You can choose from a variety of add-ons at https://addons.mozilla.com. A Firefox add-on can help you comparison shop, share bookmarks with your friends, see the weather in a corner of your browser, write to your weblog, get news, listen to music – all from inside the browser you already love. You can even change the appearance of your browser – from buttons to colors and fonts – so that it matches your own personal style.


為了提供使用者最棒的網際瀏覽體驗,Firefox 2 還提供其他更新更豐富的技術內涵。以下列舉 Firefox 2 的技術更新:

支援 JavaScript 1.7

JavaScript 更新為 1.7 版,提供諸如 particular generators, iterators, array comprehensions, let expressions, and destructuring assignment 等新功能,同時也包含 JavaScript 1.6 的所有特色。


Firefox 的搜尋欄現在同時支援 Sherlock 及 OpenSearch 格式,也能讓各引擎提供搜尋字詞建議。


為了提升安全性、方便擴充套件本地化事宜,Firefox 2 也更新了擴充套件系統。Mozilla 亦可為使用者把關,將已知有安全問題或個人隱私疑慮的套件停用。

Support for Client-Side Session and Persistent Storage

Firefox 2 introduces support for storing structured data on the client side by implementing WhatWG’s DOMStorage specification. This technology will allow Web developers to create even richer interactive Web sites for users.

新版 Windows 安裝程式

新安裝程式基於 Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) 製作,安裝更為迅速。

Firefox 重要特色

In addition to all the new enhancements, Firefox is filled with powerful existing features. From security and privacy controls to Automated Updates, Live Bookmarks, the Download Manager and Tabbed Browsing, Firefox offers the choice and speed to make surfing the Web a better experience.

Automated Update

The update system notifies you when a security update or product upgrade is available. After you receive the update notification, you are given the option of installing the update now or at a later time. You also have the ability to pause and resume the download. The size of security updates will usually be between 200KB to 700KB, giving you only what you need and making the security update quick to download and install.

The automated update system provides updates for Firefox on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux in over 40 different languages.

The update system is also configurable for companies wishing to deploy updates to Firefox with their own solutions.

Clear Private Data

Firefox offers the ability to clear all private data with just one click. You can be confident that when you clear your private data in Firefox it’s gone – whether you are using your own computer or one at the library. You can ‘Clear Private Data’ with just one click or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Delete (Windows) or Cmd+Shift+Delete (Mac).

Protection from Spyware

Firefox will not allow a Web site to download, install, or execute code on your computer without your explicit agreement. You will be notified via the information bar whenever downloading or installing software.

Secure Internet Connection

Firefox supports modern data encryption technology to keep your communication with Web sites secure, with support for SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0.

When your connection to a Web site is encrypted, the Web site URL is highlighted with a yellow background and a lock icon appears in the Location bar. Clicking on the lock icon in the Location bar will display more detailed security information.

In addition to the new Phishing Protection, the bottom right of each window of a secured site will always display the domain name (e.g., login.fidelity.com). If a hacker attempts to trick you via the URL in the Location bar, you can always see the actual domain name of the Web site that you are visiting.

Searching Faster with Firefox

Going to the Web site you intended can’t get any faster. In the Location bar, type in “Williams Sonoma” or “Yahoo Mail” and hit enter. Using Google’s “Browse By Name” search, integrated directly into the Location bar, you are taken to the site you were looking for instantly.

Find in Page

Once you have found the page you are looking for, you can easily find what you need on that page. Access the Find toolbar by pressing Ctrl+F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac). Start typing the word or phrase you’re looking for and you can quickly navigate all instances of that word or phrase, and even highlight all occurrences. Firefox will find text in form fields as well as within the Web page content.

Pop-up Blocker

Firefox blocks more pop-ups, including those originating from browser plug-ins. Firefox’s pop-up blocker notifies you when pop-ups are blocked via the information bar or icon on the lower right of the screen. It gives you the option to view the blocked pop-ups. It also gives you the option to add sites that use pop-ups in a valid way to an allow list. You no longer have to spend any time with these unwanted distractions closing pop-up or pop-under windows.

Live Bookmarks

Live Bookmarks let you view RSS news and blog headlines in the bookmarks toolbar or menu. With one glance, quickly review the latest headlines from your favorite sites. Go directly to the articles that interest you.

Download Manager

Firefox’s Download Manager shows the status of current downloads and also displays a list of prior ones. You can pause and resume downloads, and see the exact location on your computer where you downloaded a file. Finally, you can open files directly from the Download Manager.

Import Wizard

Firefox imports existing settings from other Web browsers. An import wizard will run when you first install Firefox (and is also accessible later through the File menu: File>Import). The wizard imports your Favorites, options, cookies, stored passwords, and a variety of other data, so you won’t have to start from scratch after you’ve switched.

Smart Keywords

Smart Keywords make it easy to look up special information like definitions and stock quotes. You can create a Smart Keyword for any search engine. For example, book lovers can right click on Amazon’s search field and click “Add a Keyword for this Search.” Choose a keyword for Amazon, i.e. “amzn” and soon finding a book is as easy as typing “amzn <book title>“in the Location bar.


Firefox delivers a better browsing experience for everyone – including those who are visually impaired. Firefox now includes support for DHTML accessibility, a first for Web browsers. Web developers can create pages that, for example, reduce the amount of tabbing required to navigate a document to minimize keystrokes for those with mobility disabilities.

Firefox also includes support for Microsoft Active Accessibility, Microsoft’s accessibility API standard for Windows. This support allows Firefox to work with screen readers such as GW Micro’s Window-Eyes and Freedom Scientific’s JAWS. Screen readers are software programs that read software and content aloud and provide Braille access.